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      Murdock: Day 3

      Thursday marks day three of the Thomas Murdock trial. He's being accused of running over his girlfriend, Lisa Hardwick, with his vehicle in June 2011.

      Prosecuting and defense attorneys questioned just two witnesses.

      First, a Michigan State Police Traffic Reconstructionist who showed pictures of a reenactment to determine if Murdock could see Hardwick in his rearview mirror. Then, a pathologist who examined Hardwick's injuries.

      Thursday evening, the jury and attorneys will take a trip to the scene of the accident near Munising.

      The night of the crash, Murdock's blood alcohol level was .16, twice the legal limit. He faces a number of charges including involuntary manslaughter and driving while intoxicated causing death.

      Friday, the defense will begin presenting its case by bringing an expert witness to the stand.