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      Murdock hit with stricter sentence

      Four-and-a-half years, that's the new stiffer minimum sentence for the Alger County man who accidentally killed his girlfriend.

      Fifty-year-old Thomas Murdock was sentenced Thursday in Alger County Circuit Court by Judge Stephen Davis of Delta County.

      Murdock was found guilty of operating while intoxicated causing death after he ran over his girlfriend, 44-year-old Lisa Hardwick. Originally, Judge William Carmody sentenced Murdock to a minimum of two years in prison, less than the guidelines.

      The state appeals court granted prosecutor Karen Bahrman's request for re-sentencing.

      "The law said that you were not to operate a motor vehicle, sober or otherwise," said Judge Davis. "By 2005 you had proven that you were an unsafe driver and you had lost the privilege to operate a motor vehicle, yet on June 20, 2011 you drove and someone died. You proved just as the state had said that you were an unsafe driver."

      Murdock did receive credit for 695 days served. Before the new sentence, Murdock was set to be released in June.