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      Museum offers a chance to view the tools used in the U.P.'s development

      The Marquette Regional History Center is showing a special exhibit featuring the tools used by craftsmen of years past.

      The exhibit is called Tools of the Trade. All tools featured are from local trades.

      Crafts like woodworking, metal smithing and stone cutting show how the tools have evolved over the years. There's even a section of tools with an unknown purpose. The history center is inviting its visitors to submit their best guess.

      "This is a once in a blue moon chance to see a phenomenal collection all together in one space and it's a wonderful homage to the U.P. and all the work that's been done here," said museum educator Betsy Rutz.

      Tools of the trade will be on display until November 17. For more information on the Marquette Regional History Center, check out their website.