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      Mushers' morning breakfast

      The 2013 UP 200 dog sled race was tough with the snowy conditions making visibility poor and slowing teams down.

      After a 240-mile long race, mushers and their families were up, bright and early, for the morning awards banquet. Mushers voted and this year the Sportsmanship Award goes to 70-year-old Al Hardman.

      "I never thought I'd win it because I never thought I did anything. Usually a guy gets an award because he catches a team or something. I probably got it because of my age. I guess that's okay, I will take it," said Al Hardman.

      One by one awards and purse prizes were given out.

      Ward Wallin received the Red Lantern Award for finishing last. He says he kept telling himself he wasn't in last place until he just accepted it and enjoyed the ride.

      "I had a lot of fun. Going in I took my time. I was talking to people on the way. They were offering me various beverages from water to beer, and I was accepting just about anything. I was thanking people for being at the road crossing, and they were thanking me," said Ward Wallin, Red Lantern recipient.

      It wasn't an easy race for the mushers as they crossed the finish line hours later than was originally anticipated. Mushers talked about what it was like to race under snowy conditions.

      Ryan Anderson of Ray, Minnesota wins first place for the fourth consecutive time. He takes home a purse of $7,200. Troy Groeneveld won fourth place and received a purse of $27,000.

      "It was snowing so hard at one point in the race that one of my competitors was in front of me, I couldn't even see him. I wiped snow off my glasses, and I realized my leaders were right in front of him," said Troy Groeneveld, fourth place.

      Even the retiring mascot, Banshee, received an award. More than $28,000 was awarded in purse prizes.

      After the banquet, the board of directors heard thoughts and comments on how to improve the race from the mushers' perspective.

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