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      Mushers reach CopperDog 150 finish

      Hundreds of people gathered at the CopperDog 150 finish line when word that the first musher was nearby.

      Many have been coming each year since it started four years ago; for others, it's their first time attending.

      "I'm hoping to see some pretty quick dogs. You know, see how fast they can go. I'm really excited to just see everyone getting excited for the CopperDog 150 and have some fun today," said Mike Leveille, spectator.

      Twenty-six teams were making their way on the last leg of the race from Copper Harbor to Calumet.

      After 1:15 p.m., the first team crossed the finish, and shortly after more teams follow, one after the other, just minutes apart.

      "I'm very happy. We didn't have a perfect run today. We had a little issue to start with that we were sweating bullets there for a while, but we got them going and they finished very strong and happy. They ran the way we trained them and that's what we asked," said Bruce Magnusson, first place finisher.

      Mushers and race officials say the trail conditions this year were great which helped speed up the teams. However, some teams had some difficult moments.

      "I think I averaged 13 miles an hour whereas the previous two runs, we were more like 12 1/2 (miles an hour) due to problems on the trail. Like I said, yesterday I held a dog, today I had a clean run. I went a little faster," said Dennis LaBoda, second place finisher.

      "It was a little bit warm this weekend for the dogs, but it stayed cooler in the morning so that was good," said Jake Golton, third place.

      Officials say the CopperDog 150 continues to grow each year with participants, community support, and the volunteer efforts needed to put on the competition.

      A purse prize of $23,000 was awarded to the first ten mushers who crossed the finish line.