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      Music, food, and fun this weekend

      The 34th annual Hiawatha Music Festival is kicking off this Friday night, and it goes through the weekend.

      The popular music festival will once again take place in Tourist Park, and this week, organizers are preparing for a crowd of about 4,000 people.

      As always, the festival will host local and out of state musicians, food stands, and arts and crafts vendors. Organizers are crediting the hundreds of volunteers for the anticipated success.

      "What we like about the Hiawatha Festival is we think there's something there for the whole family," said Music Committee Chair Charles Ganzert. "There are all kinds of activities all weekend, and we're real proud of all the work that we do. And we couldn't get it all done without a host of really active volunteers."

      Organizers are busy this week setting up for the festival, including constructing the stages. If you are interested in attending the Hiawatha Music Festival you can check here for details.