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      Music from around the world makes a stop in Marquette

      Students from Bothwell Middle School and Marquette Alternative High School were able learn about and listen to music from around the world on Friday.

      The field trip took them to the Kaufman Auditorium at Graveraet Intermediate School. It was all a part of the outreach program, Building a Global Vision Through the Eyes of the Community. Musicians Seth and May Bernard told the audience of their experiences traveling to Ethiopia. The performance was meant to be both educational and entertaining.

      They performed songs inspired by the music they heard in Ethiopia. Guest performer Kailin Yong also performed some of his own compositions. Yong is an internationally recognized violinist from Singapore.

      "I'm excited about today," said Bothwell teacher Kathryn Russell. "Every time that I can help kids get the idea that they are a part of the bigger picture, then I am really an educator, and they are really great learners and can carry the message forward. I'm excited."

      The musicians will be holding a full concert, called Crossing Paths, Friday at 7 p.m. in the Kaufman Auditorium.