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      Mystery lottery winner

      The $19 million lottery ticket was sold at the Festival Foods in Houghton last week. Michigan Lottery officials say the winner has yet to come forward.

      Festival Foods confirms that the winner is a woman from Houghton. The woman called the store after she won to find out details on what she needed to do.

      The supervisor says many people know who the woman is though she has not come forward to collect her money. According to the supervisor, the woman has had to disconnect her phone due to harassing phone calls.

      He says the win has caused quite the buzz in the area.

      â??There's been a lot of comments from customers afterwards which have been positive comments,â?? said supervisor, Tom Corrigan. â??Everybody in the community knows who the winner is, so it's made it kind of interesting. But we're not able to disclose the name at this time because she hasn't come forward yet.â??

      The winner can choose to collect $19 million over 26 years, before taxes, or take a lump sum of about $14 million, before taxes.