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      Nahma celebrates Labor Day

      The park in Nahma was packed with workers and their families, all of them celebrating the impact they have locally.

      "It is really awesome because it's our day! It's a celebration of what the sacrifices have been done in the past throughout the labor movement throughout the years. It's our day to celebrate and have fun, get together, and plan for the future," said Lucas Bradshaw.

      Labor Day for many may mark the end of summer, but it's much more than that. It's a time to acknowledge all of the contributions achieved by laborers throughout history and across the country.

      Even candidates running for state office were also celebrating alongside.

      "If it wasn't for our union brothers and sisters as well as collective bargaining, we wouldn't have Labor Day. We wouldn't have our day off to rest from a long year of working hard. You know this is what we have. We have the time together to spend because we worked hard with one another to gain that day," said Justin Zirkloe, 108th District candidate.

      To celebrate, they had food vendors and a beer tent to enjoy. Well known band, Generations, kept the entertainment alive by getting people out on the dance floor. Kids enjoyed the playground and pony rides, however, they also had games for adults, like the saw contest.

      Most people just enjoyed catching up with old friends they haven't seen in a while.

      "Getting all of your friends together that you have not seen since last year," said Eileen Ritter.

      "You can get good sandwiches, get a few beers, and relax. Hear some good music; they have a good band. So it's a good day," said Butch Sundling.