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      Name and investigation details released in alleged bank robbery

      The man who allegedly robbed the Northern Michigan Bank and Trust in Chocolay Township last week has been identified as 29-year-old Justin Dee McLean.

      McLean is currently jailed in Wyoming, facing federal charges for the robbery of the bank. According to the criminal complaint provided by the U.S. Attorney's Office, investigators believe that he is the man wanted for robbing the bank of approximately $1,082.

      McLean was also wanted on a felony warrant for absconding, after he failed to appear for a felony trial in Cheboygan, Michigan. That trial was to start the day before the robbery.

      The complaint goes on to say that McLean and his wife were driving through the U.P. when the robbery happened. The McLean's vehicle was spotted in video surveillance footage from local businesses, according to the statement released by the U.S. Attorney's Office. The vehicle driven by McLean was recorded on the dash camera of a volunteer firefighter, who noted that McLean seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. Police were able to use this camera footage to get the license plate number.

      McLean's wife, Chelsea McLean, provided further evidence that her husband is the man believed responsible for the robbery. She was interviewed in Gillette, Wyoming, where Justin Dee McLean was apprehended. Chelsea confirmed that she, Justin, and their two-year-old daughter were travelling through the Upper Peninsula during the time period that the robbery allegedly occurred.

      Chelsea McLean also said that Justin stopped the car at a McDonalds that was located next to a "strip mall" in the town where they turned south to go to Escanaba. Justin McLean returned to the car with no food and put a blue and gray soft sided cooler in the back seat, according to Chelsea.

      After the arrest, Chelsea McLean gave the FBI $412 that she received from Justin McLean. Four $20 bills given to the FBI matched serial numbers on pre-recorded "bait bills" that were at the Northern Michigan Bank and Trust in Chocolay Township.

      The FBI also provided Chelsea with a description of a necklace found during the investigation. She stated that she made a necklace that matched the description given to her.

      There has been no word yet on when McLean will be extradited back to the Upper Peninsula.