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      Name of suspect released in fatal accident

      A 48-year old Alger county man faces multiple charges following an incident that left a one woman dead.

      Thomas Stewert Murdock is charged with neglient homicide after he allegedly hit 44-year-old Lisa Hardwick (Lisa Grey) with his vehicle Monday night in AuTrain township, causing fatal injuries.

      Murdock is also charged one count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, this is his third offense since 1995.

      He also faces one count of posession of a controlled substance.

      Investigators with the Michigan State police say Hardwick's death appears to be unintentional.

      Murdock could receive a maximum of 15 years in prison. He is being held in custody.

      He will be back in court July 7.


      In an additional press release from the Michigan State Police, they report that Murdock was backing his pick up truck the night of the accident, when he hit and killed 44 year-old Lisa Ann Hardwick.

      The victim had been identified as Lisa Grey during the arraignment Thursday morning. In checking back with the Michigan State Police, Grey is the victim's maiden name. She is legally known as Lisa Hardwick.


      An Alger County man has been arraigned on several charges after an incident Monday evening that left a woman dead.

      Thomas Stewart Murdock, 48, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, felony OWI third offense, and possession of a controlled substance--marijuana.

      Murdock was operating a truck on his hunting property in Au Train Township Monday evening when he accidentally hit 44-year-old Lisa Ann (Grey) Hardwick.

      Investigators with the Michigan State Police say her death appears to be unintentional.