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      National Quilting Day

      People of all ages came to the Peter White Public Library to learn about quilting.

      While some chose to quilt the old fashioned way with a needle and thread, others used a sewing machine for the very first time.

      A new form of quilting, called landscape quilting, was a big hit for people at the event. Landscape quilting uses cut up pieces of quilting fabric that are ironed onto another piece of fabric and made into a design.

      Most of the designs were inspired by the U.P. landscape.

      "I guess I like putting it together. I like the process. I like being able to choose the colors and pull it together, and then it's sort of a surprise at the end to see what you come up with," said Patty Beyer, fiber artist.

      The City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center and Marquette County Quilters Association put on the event.??