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      National Winter Trails Day

      Skiers popped on skies, grabbed poles, and ventured out to the Bear Paw Trails of the Listening Inn for National Winter Trails Day.

      Since 2003, the Listening Inn in Crystal Falls has participated in the annual event. Many visitors come every year just to take part.

      "I have actually been coming to the Listening Inn for eight years, and I buy a season ski pass every year because it's such a wonderful place to cross country ski. The scenery is beautiful, the trails are fabulous," said Staria Syrjanen, skier.

      They have nine miles of trails; currently seven miles are open for skiers of all levels and some trails specifically for snowshoeing. Owners say more than twenty people take part in the fun of National Winter Trails Day.

      Skiers who stopped by say it was a perfect day to spend on the trails especially after the recent coldspell.

      "It's good to be back out since the weather's warmed up a little bit. I was looking forward to getting back out the whole time it was cold. It's a little bit more difficult to get out when it's that cold, but twenty degrees is perfect. You stay really warm when you're cross country skiing," said Joyce Ziegler, skier.

      Even though it was mostly overcast throughout day, it didn't stop guests from enjoying the fresh snow.

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