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      National writers tour da U.P.

      U.P. residents know just how fun the Upper Peninsula can be during the winter.

      Travel writers from all over the nation are in the U.P. this week to find out for themselves. Organizers brought the writers here to show them a good time.

      "You know, what we're trying to do here is really make people aware of all that there is to see and do here in the Upper Peninsula. It's not that Michigan has a bad perception--that people think poorly about what we have here as a travel product. It's simply that they don't think about us," said Dave Lorenz, the Manager of Travel Michigan.

      After two days of ice climbing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and dog sledding, the writers had their favorites.

      "My favorite part has been the dog sledding. I've never had a chance to do that before," said Dave Costello of Superior Outdoors.

      And Jim Ferguson, a radio host from Kansas, agreed.

      "Photographically, you know I really think that the dog sledding was probably the best because you know you get to see the intensity of the dogs, and they actually let me drive the sled and boy, you talk about a great time to get out there and stand behind eight or nine dogs that can run all day."

      So what message will the writers take back with them? It'll be pretty positive, apparently.

      "I think the biggest problem you're going to have when you let the secret out about what's happening here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you're going to have more residents." said Ferguson.