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      Navigating the potholes

      Potholes can be tricky to see or sometimes impossible to avoid while driving. But is the bumpy ride dangerous to your car, or just a pain in the butt?

      â??Pot holes can damage vehicles in multiple ways,â?? said Jim Cass, service manager for Riverside Auto Sales. â??Tires are one of them. You can have broken belts which would cause vibration issues, you can knock your alignment out which will cause premature tire ware.â??

      In addition damaged ball joints and loosened suspension parts can also happen, all of which can be costly repairs.

      How long should we expect to be dodging these potholes? The Delta County Road Commission warns the community it may take as long as a month to fill them all. The delay is due, in part, to the multitude of road issues happening all at once.

      â??Thereâ??s just so many different things going on right now,â?? said Jody Norman, Delta County Road Commission assistant manager. â??We have gravel roads up north that have a lot of hard-pack and theyâ??re just glare ice. We have culverts all over county wide that are frozen and water running over and you prioritize and fix what absolutely needs fixed at the time.â??

      Weather is also a major factor when trying to repair roads.

      â??Weâ??re working as hard as we can,â?? said Max Lund, seasonal employee for the City of Gladstone. â??Just getting out here and getting it done. We canâ??t fill potholes when thereâ??s ice or snow or theyâ??re underwater. So, we have to work around the conditions.â??