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      Need for food is great

      Like a lot of areas in the U.P., the need for food in the Copper Country is increasing. The Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul in Hancock are the two main collection points. When it comes to food items, cereal, peanut butter and spaghetti sauce are some of the items pantry staff like to see because of their versatility.

      "In the past year our need has always been between 80 to 85 bags of groceries going out of the store in a month. The last few months the numbers have gone up 100 bags plus, going out the door every month," said St. Vincent Store Manager, Carla Johnson.

      "This is a very giving community, but it's also a very needy community, so it pretty much works together, but you can be helping your next door neighbor that lost his job," said Salvation Army Case Worker, Susan Verville.

      St. Vincent de Paul says the storage room for food is completely empty, so donations are welcome and can be dropped off at both locations during business hours.