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      Need help getting your teen into college?

      When entering the workforce in this day and age, having an education beyond high school is essential.

      Now, there is a program that can encourage and support students in pursing a college degree.

      The Marquette Alger College Access Network (MACAN) is designed to lower barriers that would normally prevent students from pursuing a college education, such as coming from a low-income family.

      The coordinator of MACAN says getting into college can sometimes be the hardest part.

      The network can help make sense of and sort through all of the required paperwork.

      "We work together as a network to coordinate programs that already are existing and spread those around and enhance where we may have some gaps in those areas," said Frannie Belton, Coordinator for MACAN.

      The network can also help students be socially, academically, and financially prepared by high school graduation.