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      Need help paying your heating bill?

      Keeping the heat down in our homes at this time of year is risky, not only for our health, but the infrastructure of our houses. But getting a skyrocketing heating bill can be just as chilling, especially if someone is unable to pay it. Not to fear, since the St. Vincent de Paul in Iron Mountain is helping out by offering up to $250 in heating assistance.

      â??They call to make an appointment,â?? said volunteer Sally Sculati. â??Anything over $250, there are forms that they'll have to fill out and they'll go to the Salvation Army for that.â??

      The Salvation Army has additional programs that can help with heftier heating bills. And since St. Vincent de Paul doesn't receive any government funding for their heating assistance program, they rely on the men and women who shop at their stores and those who offer donations. They said with the frigid temperatures lately, they've been seeing quite a few coming in for assistance.

      â??Oh yes, right now we do. Weâ??ve been very busy,â?? Sculati said.

      And it's not just heating they help out with.

      â??We also help with rent and with some medicines. We give gas cards if they have to have a doctor's appointment,â?? Sculati said.

      Theyâ??re always looking for financial or material donations as well as more hands helping out.

      â??We would also welcome new volunteers, we need new volunteers,â?? Sculati said.

      A person can receive heating assistance from St. Vincent de Paul once a year and simply needs to set up an appointment. They can be reached at (906) 779-0749 and are located at 101 West A Street in Iron Mountain.