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      Need help to quit smoking?

      Did you hope to give up smoking in the New Year? Public Health Delta County offers a few suggestions to help you succeed.

      Quitting smoking is an achievable goal. Now, there are more former smokers than current smokers living in the United States.

      Public Health Delta County recommends setting a quit date, and begin working towards it right away.

      Some ways to do so include letting friends and family know the date, ask people not to smoke around you, and carry a â??quit kitâ?? to battle cravings. The kit can include gum, suckers, inspiring messages, reasons why you are quitting, or pictures of your children.

      They also recommend nicotine products created to wean smokers off cigarettes.

      â??They really help you to overcome those strong urges so you can have nicotine without all the other harmful chemicals from cigarettes,â?? said Shanna Hammond, Community Health Promotions Coordinator for Public Health Delta County. â??They help you get through the first few months.â??

      For more information, call Shanna Hammond at (906) 723-2570 or visit the Public Health Delta County website here.