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      Need help with your heating bill?

      Your recent heating bill may be a lot more than you expected, but you can receive heating assistance from organizations like Alger Marquette Community Action Board, AMCAB. They can help with the cost of your fuel oil, propane and natural gas. If you know you are going to need help, first talk to your gas company or vendor.

      "Contact their vendor about their heating bill. Explain to them the challenges they are facing. See if there isn't something that can be worked out with the vendor so that you don't get so far behind," said Earl Hawn, Executive Director, AMCAB. First you will need to fill out an application. Officials say you must make less than $2,000 per month to qualify. Each year more than 800 households in the area receive help. Officials say with the extreme cool downs and storms we've seen, they are expecting to see a lot more people seeking help. Most people won't see the increase in their bill until next month. However, the Salvation Army in Ishpeming is already getting people asking for help. "They are inquiring about what they need to do to get helped and once they get all the paperwork. Then, we are seeing two to three clients a day. That's up from last year; we had between one and two, and now it's between two and three a day," said Liz Nevala, Ishpeming Salvation Army. They also partner with other organizations like the Department of Human Services to help get your bill current. If you need help, they recommend you set up an appointment and fill out an application. For more information on heating help, click here