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      Need to spay your cat?

      Responsible pet owners spay and neuter their animals. To help that cause, UPAWS is partnering with the Gwinn-Sawyer Veterinary Clinic in the Fix Your Feline campaign.

      You may have been considering getting your furry feline fixed. Well, if you live in Sawyer, here's your opportunity to do it. It's all part of Fix Your Feline, a campaign to stop the over population of cats.

      "So it's targeted because we are using one area to spay and nueter over 300 cats to see if there's a result in our intake at UPAWS from this specific area," said Lareina Van Strien.

      UPAWS received a grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to fund the surgeries. Getting your cat spayed or nuetered runs between $120-$300 depending on the gender.

      So the Gwinn-Sawyer Veterinary Clinic provides the surgery for free. The grant covers a physical exam, anesthetic, surgical procedure, and overnight stay.

      "While we don't encourage families to rush out and get pets if they can't take financial responsibility for them, it is a benefit to our clients who have found themselves in a change of employment status or a health status which allows them to take advantage of the program," said Dani Jaklin, Manager of Gwinn-Sawyer Veterinary Clinic.

      Participating in the program can save you some cash, but it's also a good opportunity for your friend. Vets say fixing your cat is beneficial to their health.

      "Helps reduce the risk of infections or cancers as they get older. It also helps ebate different types of behavioral problems like running off, trying to sneak out of the house, marking their territory," said Kristina Palo, Veterinarian.

      If you are from Sawyer and looking to get the surgery, contact UPAWS to register.