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      Negaunee, back on the map!

      Big changes in store for the Negaunee City Center! Many spaces in the building are currently being renovated.

      Now that the Negaunee YMCA is moving to a new location, the building has three spaces available for rent.

      An on-site daycare space is in the works, as well, on the other side of the building. A local daycare provider is planning on moving into the space and expanding her business.

      The space formerly known as Larson's Restaurant will now be a banquet hall and commercial kitchen, both up for rent for conferences, weddings, or any other event. A dance floor is right next door, too.

      "One of the main reasons that we chose to put a banquet hall upstairs where the restaurant was formerly was because we heard that Negaunee's prom has to visit either Marquette or Ishpeming to hold their prom. And we'd like to be able to have it here in Negaunee for them," said Angela Leece, Building Manager.

      For more information on the rental spaces, click here.