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      Negaunee Farmers Market going strong

      The Negaunee Farmers Market is still going strong as we head into the middle of the summer.

      The market has been at Miners Park in Negaunee since Memorial Day and will go until September 17. Fresh grown produce, bakers, crafts and food vendors are featured at the Jackson Mine Farmers and Crafters Market.

      "The draw here is the growers, the food people, the bakers and the other items draw people as well," says market coordinator Bill Brazier. "People come out in mind they're going to buy some groceries for dinner and then while they're here they'll say 'oh look at that craft, that's cool, I didn't expect to see that there today.'"

      The market is open every Wednesday from 4:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. The city has been hosting the farmers market for the past 6 years.