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      Negaunee Male Chorus preps for spring concert

      The Negaunee Male Chorus is set to perform the "Sing Your Way Home" concert next week at Ishpeming High School's WC Peterson Auditorium.

      The band has been rehearsing every week for months for what one of the members says will be an eventful night aiming to please all who attend.

      "We have some serious music, we have a lot of humor involved in our show as well," explained Bill Schrandt, a member and trustee of the chorus. "We like to entertain everybody...some like the humor, some like the light, some like the oldies. We provide all of that for them."

      The male ensemble does more than just play to the ear, they also pay it forward. Throughout the year you can find the group performing at Nights of Music at various churches and participating in fundraisers throughout Negaunee and Ishpeming.

      "The amount that come to our concerts, how well it's attended tells us that they support us and we support them," said Schrandt. "It's a small town mentality that we just take care of our brothers and sisters, and we go on from there."

      Many in the band have developed a sense of fellowship with one another, which can be seen in their passion for music.

      "When you're rehearsing, when you're performing, that's all you can think about," Schrandt reflected. "To me it's kind of like therapy. When you're here, that's all you do is you work on what's in front of you right here. The cares of the day, the cares of the world, they leave when you walk through the door and start singing."

      The May 12 concert begins at 7 p.m.

      Tickets are eight dollars and can be purchased at the door.