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      Negaunee mayor 93 and still going strong

      Richard Wills (93)

      Richard Wills might be the oldest living mayor in the United States. He is 93 years young and still going strong.

      "I didn't think I'd even be here, but I am, and I'm very fortunate because I am in fairly decent health; I'm still active, I walk every morning, and my mind is good," said Richard Wills, mayor of Negaunee.

      Negaunee Councilman Michael Haines said after Wills was elected mayor of the city of Negaunee last year, he, along with other council members, started to wonder if Wills was the oldest active mayor in the United States. That is when the research began.

      "I was able to find one mayor, 91, a lady somewhere in Arizona, but no one that came to Dick's age at that time, who was 92 when he took office. He's now 93 and a fully active and functioning mayor of a city of approximately 5,000 people," said Michael Haines.

      Haines said he also contacted the Michigan Municipal League, but they have not given him any information. Haines said after a thorough investigation, he is quite certain Wills is the oldest active mayor.

      A World War II veteran and member of the National Guard, Wills spent three years overseas and fought five separate battles including the Battle of the Bulge.

      When he is not attending the city council meetings, the 93 year old checks his e-mails and keeps up with his city.

      "I kind of enjoy politics. I like to know what's going on. I'm nosey," Wills said.

      Wills' term limit ends in November, but he is not slowing down any time soon. He plans on applying as a board member for the Marquette County Public Transportation.