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      Neighbor dispute results in pepper spraying and deputy injury

      UPDATE: Friday, October 5, 2012 4 a.m.

      The man arrested for allegedly assaulting a sheriff's deputy in Schoolcraft County has been arraigned. Larry Kouw of County Road 440 in Hiawatha Township was taken into custody on Wednesday and arraigned Thursday afternoon.

      Kouw was taken into custody after the Schoolcraft County Sheriff's Department was called out to a neighbor dispute. When they went to speak with him, he struck a deputy and Kouw was subdued by use of pepper spray. Kouw has been arraigned on assault, felony resisting and obstructing an officer causing injury, and felony resisting and obstructing. A charge of parole violation will be handled separately.

      Earlier this year, Kouw had been found guilty by a jury of assault and malicious destruction of property and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


      A neighbor dispute in Schoolcraft County escalated to a confrontation with police on Wednesday.

      According to the Schoolcraft County Sheriff's Department, authorities were called out to County Road 440 in Hiawatha Township for a neighbor dispute. Their investigation determined that an assault had taken place.

      When the sheriff and a deputy tried to make contact with the suspect, they found the person angry and hostile. The suspect struck the deputy, causing minor injuries. After using pepper pray on the subject, the person was taken into custody.

      Several charges are being leveled at the suspect, including one count of assault, a felony count of resisting and obstructing an officer causing injury, felony count of resisting and obstructing, and a count of probation violation.

      Names of those involved will not be released until after the arraignment.

      This same neighborhood has been plagued by other neighbor disputes in the past, however, the sheriff's department would not confirm if the two incidents are related.