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      Neighbor never knew of alleged child torture and abuse next door

      "To believe that a child could fall through the cracks in a community is hard to accept, but it is a reality, especially when people start moving from community to community, and they're changing schools. Sometimes people get lost, and unfortunately that seems to be what happened with this young man," said Captain James Segorski from Escanaba Public Safety.

      Wednesday, the 15-year-old boy is in protective custody after being discovered by Escanaba Public Safety Officers a few days ago.

      According to police, the 15-year-old boy was abused and tortured for years, sitting alone inside an eight by ten foot room, lined with tarps.

      "You're so close to something like this, and to not have known and not do anything about it, really makes you feel like you should have been able to do something, but you weren't able to. It's very frustrating," said neighbor John Douros.

      The teenager's abusers, 46-year-old Susan Bardo, and her boyfriend, Carl Pellinen, are lodged in the Delta County Jail, each with a $50,000 cash bond on child abuse and torture allegations. Their preliminary hearing will take place Thursday, April 25.

      Officers say the boy was interviewed and taken to OSF St. Francis Hospital for a medical evaluation. He remains there, receiving treatment.

      "We have not re-interviewed him to this point. One, we're going to let him get some treatment, and then try to get in a better state before we go back and re-interview," Captain Segorski explained.

      A neighbor of the suspects says that from the outside, everything looked normal.

      "Whenever I saw Carl, I would talk to him, and you would never guess that anything like that was going on over there," Douros said.

      Captain Segorski said the detectives on the case are still digging for a lot of information they don't yet have.

      "As far as trying to find a father, we haven't found him yet. We're still in the process, so hopefully somebody will come forward or we can uncover that information," Captain Segorski said.

      No other information is available at this time.

      If anyone has any information regarding the case, please call the Escanaba Department of Public Safety at (906) 786-5911.