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      Neil Simon's "Rumors" hits Marquette

      One of screenwriter Neil Simon's most famous plays, "Rumors," is being performed in Marquetteâ??s Kaufman Auditorium this weekend by Marquette Senior High School.

      The play centers around four couples at the townhouse of a deputy New York City mayor and his wife, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

      "People come for a 10th wedding anniversary and they arrive and there's no host or hostess," says cast member, Brooke Brauer. "They have no clue whatâ??s going on."

      Guests discover that there are no servants, the hostess is missing, and the deputy mayor has shot himself.

      "My friend shot himself in the earlobe and nobody really knows whatâ??s going on," explains Taylor Ehle. "Since nobody really knows what happens, rumors pile upon rumors."

      Given everyone's upper class status, they decide to do everything possible to cover up the evening's events, resulting in comical complications.

      "Thereâ??s some issues going on that they try to cover up," says Chase Cooper. "For the rest of the show, people don't really knowâ?|the whole truth."

      The play is considered PG-13.

      Anyone interested in attending can purchase tickets through NMU online or the box office and at the door. Tickets cost $12 for adults and $8 for students and seniors.

      Performances will begin February 14 and run through Saturday, February 16, with all shows starting at 7 p.m.