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      "Never Give Up!"

      Pat Christian recalled the first time her childhood friend told her.

      â??She just mentioned it in passing in a conversation between two adults. She's like, 'Well, you know I can't read,'â?? said Christian, a friend of Beanieâ??s. â??I kind of laughed it off and thought, well how could you not read?â??

      â??The day that I could not read to my five-year-old kid and he looked up at me and said, â??My teacher reads better than you,â?? and he walked away,â?? recalled Beanie. â??I went in my bedroom and cried.â??

      According to the U.S. Education Department, 21 percent of adults can only read below a fifth grade level. Beanie Leffler use to be one of them.â??At 52 I found out I was severely dyslexic, and at age 55 I found out I have a vision problem,â?? she admitted. â??Even to fill out a form at a doctorâ??s office was so difficult for me.â??After discovering the cause, Beanie went for tutoring, vision therapy and purchased new lenses to finally conquer an ability she says many take for granted.â??Now I can read to my grandkids which is huge. I couldn't even read to my kids, and now I can read to my grandkids,â?? she stated happily. Soon after, she wrote a book for children titled Never Give Up! to share her story.â??I don't want any child to go through what I went through because it's not fun,â?? Beanie said. A copy of her book can be purchased on her website .

      â??If I never make a dime on my book, but I help one child change their life, it's worth every penny for me,â?? Beanie added.