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      Never too late to get in shape

      Itâ??s almost too easy to find excuses to not go to the gym: you are tired from work, you need to run errands, or just that you are too old. But five days a week at Motions Fitness in Marquette, you will find Bill Cohodas, who turns 100 years old in October.

      Bill went to the gym for the first time just a few weeks ago, but his trainer has seen a visible improvement.

      "In the course of three weeks or so, he just got done cranking out 37 plus minutes of workâ?? said Mark Evans, Billâ??s trainer. â??So at 99 years old it's been that quick a progression for him."

      â??I am very happy that you are pleased with him and he looks like heâ??s doing very well. I hope he will keep it upâ??, said Lois Cohodas, Billâ??s wife.

      Billâ??s trainer has seen more changes in him than just his stamina.

      "I notice that his hearing has been a little bit better, he's a little bit sharper on the commands, he's responding to questions a lot betterâ?? said Mark Evans. â??Movement does great things, not just for your body, but for your brain."

      So far, Billâ??s training has been a majority of arm and leg workouts, but Mark hopes to get Bill on a treadmill and weight training in the future.

      "The human body is the only machine on the planet that the harder you work it the better it performs and that's true at any ageâ?? said Mark Evans.

      Bill has been active his entire life, so it may not be so easy to start a routine if you have never been active before. But itâ??s never too late to start.

      "For people to say they're too old or just too far gone, Bill is such a great example for why that's not trueâ?? said Mark Evans.

      In his first session at Motions, Bill was only able to work out for five minutes at a time, but three weeks later, heâ??s doing 45 minutes without a break.