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      New American flags are flying over schools in Marquette

      Many local schools observed Veterans Day on Monday. At Father Marquette Middle School in Marquette, students watched the raising of a new American flag.

      Monday morning, representatives from American Legion Post 44 in Marquette presented the school with a new flag in conjunction with Veterans Day.

      The ceremony included a blessing of the flag, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Three Boy Scouts from the school raised the new flag.

      Ray Carlson, a past commander of Post 44, said the flag serves as a symbol of unity when soldiers from across the United States join together.

      "It's very special to everybody and it's very special to all veterans and we try to push that into the schools, to the children, and they're very receptive to it," said Carlson after the ceremony.

      Legion representatives also delivered new flags to nine other schools in the Marquette area, as well as the Brookridge Heights Assisted Living facility and the Marquette City Fire Department.