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      New animal hospital now open in Iron River

      Dog receives check up in Iron River

      The newest medical facility in Iron River is making many a household pet happy.

      â??Everything we have heard has been positive; the community is thrilled,â?? said Northwoods Animal Shelter Director, Bonnie Jewell.

      The Four Seasons Animal Hospital in Iron River, attached to the Northwoods Animal Shelter, is filling a need in Iron County for a full-servicing hospital.

      â??For services, we have routine preventative care, vaccinations, screenings, and blood work,â?? said veterinarian, Cheryl Matuszewski. â??We can work out sick pets where we have the ability to do blood work in-house as well as send out blood work for almost any problem we see. Weâ??re doing soft tissue surgeries and dental cleanings.â??

      Theyâ??ve got new exam and waiting rooms, ultrasound and X-ray technology and paperless records. A little over a year ago, the shelter recognized the need for a hospital at their location and applied and received a $30,000 grant.

      â??It was a great start but it wasn't all we needed,â?? Jewell said.

      They then applied for a loan and began remodeling after the first of this year, turning the recognition of a need into a reality.

      â??There just wasn't that here. The diagnostics, the radiology, all of that. We knew if we did it, it'd make a big difference in the community,â?? Jewell said.

      The hospital is currently open, and an open house is scheduled for Saturday, May 17 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.