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      New app available to view Lake Superior shoreline

      The Superior Watershed Partnership has a new app available for apple users, and it might even make a great Christmas gift. Great Lakes Shore Viewer has high quality photography of the Great Lakes coastline. The app started off as a land use planning tool, but officials found many people from the community were using it as well. The app has GSI maps which allows you to view a shoreline's topography, soil types, coastal dunes, and more. It's become a popular tool for tourism, habitat protection agencies, or just planning an outdoor excursion.

      "People can use this to plan sort of the distance they might make on a given day or suitable place to pull in to get out of the storm, be a great asset for people planning kayaking trips are even just boaters that want to be able to relate to the shoreline," said John Becker of the Superior Watershed Partnership.

      It is free and available at the app store. The SWP is planning to come out with a Android version soon.