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      New birthing suites at Aspirus Keweenaw

      Aspirus Keweenaw is welcoming a newly remodeled Obstetrics Department and birthing suites. For the past six months, the hospital has been working hard to bring in some of the latest furniture and equipment to give the facility a more updated look. â??Some of the changes that have been made to the OB Department is that we put in new flooring and we changed the lighting,â?? said Chief Nursing Officer, Grace Tousignant. The hospital says as a part of the design, new lighting was very important because it gives the rooms a much more soft and comforting atmosphere. â??A lot of new moms receive a lot of gifts and flowers, and we wanted a place where they could display those for the visitors that they have that come here, so we added the countertop,â?? Tousignant said. The walls inside and outside the rooms were painted in neutral colors, and the hospital says they looked at this new design from the patient's point of view because they wanted to make sure each patient had a comfortable and enjoyable experience. â??One of our priorities for womenâ??s health was to remodel this OB Department because womenâ??s health definitely is a big component of obstetrics, and so we chose this as a priority to remodel this room,â?? Tousignant said. The OB room added a brand new baby wall where every newborn has their picture on display. New flat screen TVs are also another one of the many upgrades patients can enjoy while in the birthing suites, and the hospital says more updates are on the way. In the future, Aspirus Keweenaw is planning on turning the remodeled rooms into a place where patients can stay for their entire birthing experience.