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      New bridge construction continues

      Progress on a new bridge in Marquette Township continued on Thursday, as four I-beams are put into place.

      Construction started at the beginning of July on a $1.5 million bridge over the Dead River on Forestville Road. Thursday's installation caused some traffic delays as trucks carrying the 100 foot beams parked on the old bridge before two cranes raised and lowered the new pieces that came from downstate.

      The old, one-lane bridge was deemed functionally obsolete, so critical bridge funding was acquired to build a new one. There's more work to be done to finish the project by the middle of November.

      "They have to build a form and then pour a nine inch concrete deck on top of them, and then add guard rails and finish the approaches to the bridge," said Kurt Taavola of the Marquette County Road Commission.

      The majority of the work is being done by Associated Constructors from Marquette.