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      New business offers to balance your body

      A new business in Marquette is offering a way to put your body back into balance.

      Meridian Healing Therapies on Wright Street has a team of trained professional massage and manual therapists. Manual Therapy focuses on finding and fixing places on your body that have become unbalanced.

      Therapists can fix the issue by gently realigning the muscles surrounding the area.

      "What I love about manual therapy is finding an imbalance and making it balanceable so the person doesn't further harm their body or system. It can affect your skeletal system, muscle system. It affects everything, so when we release these things and put you back in balance, you walk away feeling freer," said Manual Therapist, Natalie Martin.

      Meridian Healing Therapies also offers aerial silk yoga to further help muscles stay properly aligned. They do massage and manual therapy by appointment only.