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      New campground coming to Republic

      A new campground is in the works for Republic Township.

      They're renovating and expanding what used to be the Ethnic Days Campground in the School Lake and Munson Park area.

      It's a dream they've wanted to accomplish for two years. Now because of a $75,000 grant from the Cliffs Eagle Foundation, they're able to get it done.

      It's all to bring more visitors into the area.

      "The idea that we have no motels here we have no accommodations for people to stay at other than two resorts about a mile out of town west of here," says Gregory Johnson, Republic Township supervisor. "There's no place here in town for anybody to stay."

      The campground may have 11 to 15 RV sites, and 6 to 10 walk-in sites. They plan to have an electric hook-up for most sites.

      It's expected to be complete next summer.