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      New candidate on the campaign trail

      A new Michigan State Senate hopeful has officially thrown his hat into the ring. Adam Robarge made his announcement to run for State Senate Saturday afternoon at the Ore Dock Brewery in Marquette.

      A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Robarge has been living in the U.P. for 15 years. Robarge is running for State Senate because he feels that the U.P. isn't being represented properly.

      "I think the district is looking for direction and a new direction, a direction that takes us into a future of sustainability both with our environment and our economy. To do that, we need to create a map together and we need everyone involved, we need to work on getting the vote out and start charting a path to our future," said Robarge.

      Robarge believes that it is very important to look at both sides of an issue before making any decision.

      The goal for Robarge this summer is to travel across the U.P. and listen to your ideas on how to improve northern Michigan.