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      New club on â??Fireâ??

      In 1883, it was home to the Houghton Fire Department and in 1886 it also housed some of Michigan Tech's first classes. But today, it is a new night club.

      The Continental Fire Company opened its doors in February in celebration of Winter Carnival.

      â??We wanted it to kind of be a soft opening, and I think we ended up having a thousand people in here throughout the course of the night. It was fantastic and amazing but it definitely caught us off guard,â?? said owner Adam Yeoman.

      Construction began back in 2010 and now that it is complete, the inside offers a dance floor, upstairs and downstairs bars, and plenty of seating.

      The owners say even with such a large population of college students in the area, they want the Continental Fire Company to be a place for everyone.

      â??We certainly want it to cater to all groups. Earlier in the night, itâ??s going to be a little bit more quiet with a low-key theme thatâ??s going to draw some of the older crowd,â?? said owner Jon Julien.

      The owners say because of the historical nature of the building, they wanted to keep that spirit alive. Old mining photographs from the Michigan Tech Archives are imprinted on tables and above the stage.

      The architectural lighting is also an important part of the entire design, and it is all controlled through an iPad.

      This setup makes it easier to illuminate the building especially with certain themes.

      The club will open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday around 6 p.m. giving its visitors the opportunity to not only sit and enjoy the atmosphere but also dance the night away as soon as the music begins.