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      New college level math course offered at high school

      Northern Michigan University (NMU) expanded its dual enrollment classes for high school students in Marquette County.

      Now students can take a college level math course at Westwood High School in Ishpeming Township, and Monday was the first day of class for 17 high school students enrolled in precalculus.

      The college level course is now being offered to students attending high school in Ishpeming, Negaunee and Republic-Michigamme.

      "It's going to be a lot different for them in terms of the workload. I think what happens when they enroll into a university after high school and have dual enrollment credit...I think it's actually easier for them," said Steve Annelin, instructor.

      Between 70 and 80 percent of high school graduates in the Marquette County and surrounding area attend Northern Michigan University (NMU). Of the 7,906 undergraduate students enrolled at NMU during the 2013 winter semester, 3,843 students were from the U.P.

      Faith LeRoy was one of the students enrolled in the precalculus course and said she plans to attend NMU after high school.

      "I think it's really important to get a better education after high school to set you up for the rest of your life, and I think I decided to take this class because I wanted the challenge," said LeRoy.

      One of the main reasons why the college level course was offered at Westwood was to help keep students from having to make the drive to NMU's campus. The course was also offered to make it easier for students to add the class into their current schedule.

      "Of course we have a really nice population of students coming over from Marquette Area Public Schools because they're right across the street. To open up a course in the campus of a high school, it is something we really want to try to explore because high school students want access to college credit," said Joe Lubig, Associate Dean for Education Leadership and Public Service at NMU.

      Once the semester is over, NMU will evaluate the new course offered at Westwood and decide whether or not they will offer other courses next year.