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      New commissioners ready to join Marquette

      The City of Marquette has two new commissioners.

      Mike Coyne and Sara Cambensy both say the city commission is headed in the right direction, but hope to bring some new perspective to the table.

      Mike Coyne served as a city commissioner five years ago and also in the 80's.

      Coyne says he wants to see the city millage decrease. He also said that the commission needs to improve its relationship and communication with surrounding townships and cities.

      "I'd like to see that the financial situation in the city remains stable that we continue to improve the infrastructure that we've been working on for 30 years," added Coyne.

      Sara Cambensy will also be joining the city commission. Cambensy has served on the city's planning committee and the charter commission.

      She says the zoning ordinances need to be reviewed, and communication with the public needs to improve.

      "I hope to bring the younger generation into this more as someone in my mid-30's I'm pretty excited to kind of be a voice for how our generation wants to see our community develop and things we want to invest in."

      Coyne and Cambensy complete the board of seven. They start next week for a three year term.