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      New developments in Young trial

      The case against the 54-year-old former Munising chiropractor continues in Alger County Circuit Court. George Young is charged with fourth degree, Criminal Sexual Conduct against eight patients.

      Two victims, who were employed by Young, took the stand, stating they, too, were inappropriately touched by Young. There was also revealing testimony from Young's cellmate and expert witness.

      "Female guards would come to the cell serving him meals. You could see they were very uncomfortable. It was obvious. Then, when I did get him moved, I heard he had problems in the next cell," said Milton Herro, cellmate.

      Young's cellmate, Milton Herro, says Young always sat in his underwear making others uncomfortable. Herro also says Young spoke about the incidents.

      "This is George's words, 'Two of the women's breast had come out, out of their bra, and they asked him to put their breast back in their bra.' I looked at George I was like, that's hard to believe," Herro said.

      The prosecution then questioned former officer Matthew Beaupied about jail phone recordings between Young and his wife. Beaupied said during the conversation Young admitted guilt several times stating he messed up. He also said Young's wife questioned Young about his sexual addictions.

      "Well, you watched pornography at his office and fondled a girl, and that's when George replied, yes," said Matthew Beaupied, Former MPD Lt.

      However, the question the prosecution raised was: Did the procedure or could any chiropractic procedure warrant Young's action of touching their breasts to adjust their ribs?

      Expert witness Dr. Steven White, a chiropractor from Traverse City, said no.

      "The patient putting their hand on their breast, displacing it in any way that it needs to be in order to palpate and then go ahead and adjust it that way," said Dr. Steven White, expert witness.

      White also said the procedure should be conducted over their clothing, and if it's necessary to have skin contact, the patient should be draped. He also said its proper protocol to have another woman in there as well.ã??