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      New Diocesan Administrator speaks about opportunity

      A new Diocesan Administrator has been elected to the Catholic Diocese in Marquette to take the place of Archbishop Alexander Sample until a new bishop or administrator is appointed.

      Father Francis Dobrzenski, pastor at Saint Joseph Parish in Lake Linden, has been appointed to be the new Diocesan Administrator. Father Dobrzenski says his new job will be mainly overseeing that things continue in the status quo.

      He says that although he will have to go to Marquette for a few things, he will mainly communicate with the diocese through phone and email while remaining a priest in Lake Linden. He says he feels the decision, despite some of the challenges, was the right one.

      "I believe that this is God's will for me," said Father Dobrzenski. "I'm at peace with that, and I know that the God who paces the task upon me will also provide me the strength to do it."

      Father Dobrzenski says the time it could take for Pope Francis to pick a new bishop or administrator could take up to a year.