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      New director for Superior Alliance for Independent Living

      The Superior Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL) is an organization based in Marquette county which helps disabled people in the Upper Peninsula, and now they have a new director. For the last four years, Sarah Peura has been part of the staff at SAIL, but now she's the executive director. Peura hopes to make everyone in the program fit in, not just at work, but everywhere in the community. "Really reaching out and finding all those underserviced areas that haven't really been able to understand that there are a lot of services out there for them; individuals in very rural communities in the Upper Peninsula," said Sarah Peura. SAIL was formed in 1998 as a program to help people with mental and physical disabilities live an independent life. They help people connect with resources which meet their needs. Accessible housing, employment, and recreational activities are all included. Participant Aaron Andres says it's been life changing. "They help me get out in the community, be involved in my community and go travel, do things I wasn't able to do back home," said Aaron Andres. Every year SAIL helps at least a thousand disabled people across the U.P. live a more self-sufficient life. However, they also have a say in how the program operates. SAIL has also inspired many people with disabilities to become an advocate for the program.

      Fifty percent of the board of directors have some type of disability. "It helps SAIL be relevant in their community, stay grounded and listen to the issues that disabled people have," Andres said. To help out, click here: