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      New event at Noquemanon

      Skijorers are in luck this weekend, as it marks the the first ever skijoring race for the Noquemanon.

      The Animoosh Skijor 12K is set for this Sunday, and the racers and dogs have been training for months. To prepare for the race, the skijorers run their dogs up to 10 kilometers each day. And when there's not any snow, the racers have the dogs pull 4-wheelers to keep up with their training.

      "We're really excited about the race this weekend. Everybody has been working really hard, and we're hoping for a lot of growth in the years to come. We've been skiing the dogs a lot, and they are all ready to go," said Skijor contestant, Lindsey Demers. The dogs also eat much larger meals when they are training for races. The Animoosh Skijor is set for 10 a.m. Sunday at the beginning of the Noquemanon Forestville trail start, and anyone can register through Saturday.