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      New Executive Director for Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce

      After months of searching, the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce has a new Executive Director in charge who has plans for growing the economy in the area.

      Cheryl Fahrner grew up in Ironwood but has also lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Houghton Hancock area. She was recently an Executive Director for a business association in Wisconsin for seven years. She says her experience working with Chambers of Commerce will help her make collaborative partnerships within the Keweenaw community.

      "I see so many opportunities for other additional businesses, so I'm really excited to work on maybe some economic development for the community as well, but also building more committees for the chamber and allowing our members to get more involved with our chamber," says Fahrner.

      Fahrner says she's looking forward to getting started working with chamber members and adding new ones, as well as continuing to improve the Visitors Center in Houghton.