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      New exhibit features Upper Peninsula high school sports

      A new exhibit at Northern Michigan University is showing the history of Upper Peninsula high school sports.

      The Beaumier Heritage Center has put together a collection of stories, memorabilia and photos of U.P. athletes and sports.

      The exhibit, which is being called U.P. Power, features a number of teams from across the U.P. that won state titles and other achievements.

      "High school sports are important everywhere, but I think in the U.P., one of the reasons why they were really meaningful is because for a long time people didn't have outlets for entertainment like you might have in an urban area, and so it was a source of community pride like it is for every community, but this exhibit also kind of explores how it was a source for Upper Peninsula pride," said Beaumier Center Director Dan Truckey.

      A special opening reception is planned for this Saturday at 1 p.m. Some of the U.P. sports legends themselves are expected to be on hand. U.P. Power will be on display until March at the Beaumier Center.