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      New exhibit in Michigamme for art lovers

      Art lovers gathered in Michigamme Sunday afternoon for an art show featuring U.P. artist Bill Hamilton.

      The Michigamme Moonshine Art Gallery has 35 of his water-color paintings on display and for sale in an exhibition called Manifestations of Light. Dozens of people came for his reception at the gallery and to see the paintings. Hamilton is best known for his landscape paintings, most of which are from scenes in the U.P., but some are from around the world.

      At 83 years old, Hamilton says he paints about 20 to 30 paintings a year and won't be stopping anytime soon.

      "I like seeing my ideas come to life on paper," said Hamilton. "Sometimes the paintings seem to paint themselves. Usually I'm surprised after I'm finished because usually it's different from what I originally planned, but that happens."

      Hamilton's paintings will be on display through Sept. 15.