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      New facility coming to Heartwood Trailhead

      The Noquemanon Trail Network Single Track Committee is planning to make upgrades to the Heartwood Trailhead off of M-553. They are going to expand the gravel parking lot.

      "The parking lot is always full on a summer weekend day," said Nicole Dewald, Director of Operations. "So we're going to expand in this direction to fit one hundred cars."

      They are also going to add a 24' by 32' pavilion which will be handicap accessible and have bike racks.

      "What it's going to do is, it's going to be an open air pavilion. It's going to have two changing rooms and a picnic area," Dewald explains.

      For those who frequent the trails, like Andrew Schafer, he can't wait to see the changes.

      "You know people like to enjoy all the trails. You know when they get a little muddy sometimes even though they don't plan to get muddy," said Andrew Schafer. "It would be nice to be able to have a place to change your clothes and not have to worry about getting your car all dirty on the inside."

      So to make it happen, they are partnering with the city of Marquette, but they need your help raising funds for the project.

      "We came into agreement: the NTN would build the facility and raise funds for the parking lot and the facility. Then, we would donate it back to the city, and the city would help us with plowing and some maintenance."

      This is one of many partnerships they have built. Just last year, with the help of the Department of Environmental Quality and Department of Natural Resources, they built a path to cross M-553 underneath the bridge.

      Six new miles of trail will also be added this summer. The new project is estimated to cost $50,000. You can expect to see the changes in the spring of 2014.

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