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      New facility is more like home

      Youâ??ve heard the saying, â??Home is where the heart is.â??

      And at an open house at Maryhill Manor in Niagara Thursday night, their new facility is becoming a little bit more like home for the residents.

      Marjorie Khory is a resident at the manor.

      â??It's a beautiful home away from home,â?? says Khory. â??All kinds of activities; there's always something to do."

      One of the additions to the manor is a revamped therapy room with new equipment and more space.

      "We now have our expanded room where we have space to go all the way around the equipment,â?? says therapist Kaylene Mathieu, â??and it just provides a better service for our customers."

      The staff at Maryhill say that creating spaces that are accommodating and useful was their intent all along.

      â??Here we are with a whole new event of reconstructing the wing from having two rooms for a dining room and activities room,â?? says Activities Director Danielle Novak, â??to having one big, beautiful room for activities and our dining and special events for our residents."

      Among other changes are a family room for visitors and a new Alzheimerâ??s wing.

      Resident Cal Thomas is happy that the manor is unlike other facilities; it's more like home.

      â??It's a nice place--nice and clean, and it hasn't got that odor of a nursing home,â?? says Thomas.

      The open house allowed the community to see that the staff is very focused on providing safety and care.

      Though it was a process to get to where Maryhill is now, the changes made have created an atmosphere that feels so much like home, you start to believe that's where you are.